PTFE Membranes


Surgitime PTFE is a synthetic non-absorbable membrane that is 100% biocompatible and not derived from animal source. This membrane is considered to be a barrier for tissue regeneration. It is indicated for regeneration procedures. Polytetraflouroethylene (PTFE) membranes or mechanical barriers for Guided Tissue Regeneration (GTR) are used to prevent migration of cells from epithelial and connective tissues, what would cause bone growth inhibition, thus providing a proper space for the formation of a natural fibrin structure, which is the bone tissue precursor. The membrane provides a space between the flap and the bone tissue and its tissue isolating property promotes tissue growth.

Surgitime PTFE are a high-density sheet with a surface structure and porosity suitable to prevent integration and passage of bacteria within the interstices of the material, and simultaneously facilitate adhesion of host cells to the material.

Surgitime PTFE is used in regenerative techniques of periodontics, implantology or any surgical procedure requiring a mechanical barrier, such as the treatment of horizontal and vertical periodontal defects, formation of new bone in alveolar ridges, protection against epithelial invagination in sinus lift procedures and formation of proximal areas around dental implants. For better adaptation to the receiving site can also be molded by using scissors or a sterile scalpel.

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