Titanium Mesh

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Titanium Surgitime is a non-absorbable titanium mesh made of pure Titanium
(ASTM F-67). It comes in many different lengths, widths, thicknesses and
hole diameters, in order to fulfill many different clinical needs. Titanium
Surgitime is furnished in STERILE form (25 kGy Gama Radiation), provided
the packaging’s integrity has not been hampered.
Benefits :-
The titanium mesh provides excellent biocompatibility, and occlusive
property, and it is permeable thus enabling the transmission of nutrients,
and easy utilization because it is highly malleable and can be cut for
surgical site adaptations, having the capacity to ensure an unadulterated
regenerative space and the possibility of graft vascularization on both
sides (periosteum and endosseous). It has been designed to ensure a
tridimensional reconstruction of alveolar bone defects and to facilitate
bone replacement through the replacement material’s adequate fixation.
Purpose :-
It assists bone neoformation, acting as a barrier hindering the migration of
epithelial cells and of the conjunctive tissue, thus avoiding competition with
the bone graft.