PRF Venipuncture Course

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Our aim of this course is to teach Dentists and Dental Specialists how to draw blood for the use of making Membrane’s or an Injectable fluid containing the patients own growth factors. This acts as a powerful bone reconstructor, promotes vascularisation and soft tissue healing.

During the course you will be taught Venipuncture by Dr Michael Walker who hosts the Intravenous sedation program at the University of Sydney. You will walk away certified in Venipuncture, Trained in the applications, indications and contra-indications of PRF. Along with how to use the DUO Centrifuge,Make membranes, Plugs, Injectable liquid and a Steak Bone Graft.

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Course Dates:

  • 18 April 2020
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Dr Choukroun PRF Seminar 2018






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Course Dates

18 April 2020

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