Swirl PREP 1% Hydrogen Peroxide Sanitising Mouthrinse (12 x 500ml)

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SWIRL PREP 500ml – Carton 12x Bottles

Swirl PREP 1% hydrogen Peroxide sanitising mouthrinse from Dentalife has been formulated to assist dentists in addressing decontamination of a patients mouth prior to treatment.

ADA Managing COVID 19 Guidelines
“While the efficacy of this approach cannot be guaranteed to have a significant effect on viral load in a patient with COVID-19, we recommend that prior to commencing treatment all patients should be asked to undertake a 20-30 second pre-procedural mouthrinse with either:
• 1% hydrogen peroxide
• 0.2% povidone iodine
• 0.2% chlorhexidine rinse (alcohol free)
• an essential oil mouth rinse (alcohol free)”

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Swirl PREP Sanitising Mouthrinse 1% Hydrogen Peroxide 500ml –

Carton – 12 x 500ml bottles

Swirl PREP Sanitising Mouthrinse1% Hydrogen Peroxide from Dentalife is a mouthrinse to assist dentists in addressing decontamination of a patient’s mouth prior to treatment.

The recommendation, under the current climate of Coronavirus (COVID 19) is for all patients to be given an appropriate mouthrinse containing 1% Hydrogen Peroxide as a “pre-operative” treatment.

  • Contains 1% Hydrogen Peroxide
  • In a masking base that supports delivery and wetting-out of the hydrogen peroxide when rinsing
  • Pre-mixed ready to use.

Swirl Prep also contains a surfactant which has shown activity against Coronaviruses. This surfactant is Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulphate, a safe and effective solubiliser and wetting agent commonly used in oralcare products(1).

The product has a very mild mint flavor to mask the Peroxide and provide a pleasant experience for the patient.

(1) *Lai MYY, Cheng PKC, Lim WWL. Survival of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus. Clinical Infectious Diseases. 2005;41(7):e67-e71.