Dr Mark’s DentalFresh – 125ML

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Appropriately PH balanced at 5.0, alcohol, bleach and paraben-free. With recommended daily use, your patients will get up to 7 months of use from a 125ml, flip-top squeeze tube of DentalFresh. A great value add for your valued patient.

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Dr Mark’s DentalFresh

Dr Mark’s DentalFresh is a one of a kind, purpose designed and custom formulated cleaning gel with a 5.0 pH balance – perfect for all types of removable dental appliances.

It’s alcohol, bleach and paraben-free and contains peppermint oil to keep your dental appliance smelling minty fresh. When used with a HyGenie device, DentalFresh will disturb biofilms, has a sanitising effect, and will help dissolve stubborn calculus and stains over time. Recommended and safe for daily use

  • pH = 5.0  – this is the same pH as a Banana [fun fact] which is mild enough not to damage our appliances but also effective enough to slowly dissolve any calculus build up or stains over a period of time and with regular use. All calculus is different and all mouths are different so we cannot put a specific timeline on stain removal – all we can say is that it will happen over time
  • 5.5 will dissolve Calcium Phosphate which is the main component of calculus , hence we can say it will dissolve the build-up
  • Peppermint oil and citric acid  – both are natural essential oils and both have sanitising, anti-bacterial properties
  • Peppermint oil – smells good!
  • Surfactant – we have added this component so that the removable appliance and Hygenie dry quickly and embrace the dry storage recommendation by the experts in our field.