Dr Mark’s HyGenie SureGrip with DentalFresh 50ml

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An ergonomic designed, easy to grip, soft handled round brush to clean arched dental appliances. now that’s a break through. It’s a super affordable care program you can include or add for your ROA wearing patients to help them keep their appliance clean and fresh.


1 SureGrip Denture Brush + 50ml DentalFresh

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Dr Mark’s HyGenie SureGrip with DentalFresh

Dr Mark’s HyGenie SureGrip with DentalFresh is the perfect pair to clean arched dental appliances.  It’s just a brush right?  Well there’s a bit more to it than that….

SureGrip Denture Brush

The typical denture brush is basically an oversized toothbrush.  So who wear’s dentures?  Older people, who typically, have one or more of these issues:  dexterity issues; arthritis; vision impairment; some degree of dementia.  And what we do is give them a block headed brush on a long handle to brush what are typically small and fragile dentures. The denture is wet, the brush handle is wet and brushing takes around 4 minutes to really get the whole denture (all surfaces) really clean.

Here’s why the SureGrip is better:

  • It’s a round brush designed to clean dentures which are arched in shape.  A round brush for a round job!
  • Ergonomically designed handle, with an ambidextrous thumb hold, so it can be easily gripped in either hand.
  • Perfectly sized to work in any size hand.
  • Handle material is soft to the touch and will feel good and be usable in even arthritic hands.
  • Non-slip handle material is etched and mottled so easy to use when wet.
  • Bristles are tough enough to properly clean away food particles, disturb bio-films (when used with DentalFresh) and even wash away stubborn denture adhesives, but soft enough to not damage the materials dentures are made of.  No little scratches that are great little homes to germs.
  • Brush bristle is rocketed in design, the lower ‘thicker’ part of the bristle is meant to wash the flatter surfaces of a denture, as the bristle gets thinner toward the top the tips will clean deeply in the crevices tooth spaces of a denture.
  • TPE (thermo plastic elastomer) bristles to repel bacteria and dries quickly.

The brush will last around 6 months with recommended daily use and is then replaced.  The handle will last a long long time!


Dr Mark’s DentalFresh is a one of a kind, purpose designed and custom formulated cleaning gel with a 5.0 pH balance – perfect for all types of removable dental appliances.

It’s alcohol, bleach and paraben-free and contains peppermint oil to keep your dental appliance smelling minty fresh. When used with a HyGenie device, DentalFresh will disturb biofilms, has a sanitising effect, and will help dissolve stubborn calculus and stains over time. Recommended and safe for daily use

  • pH = 5.0  – this is the same pH as a Banana [fun fact] which is mild enough not to damage our appliances but also effective enough to slowly dissolve any calculus build up or stains over a period of time and with regular use. All calculus is different and all mouths are different so we cannot put a specific timeline on stain removal – all we can say is that it will happen over time
  • 5.5 will dissolve Calcium Phosphate which is the main component of calculus , hence we can say it will dissolve the build-up
  • Peppermint oil and citric acid  – both are natural essential oils and both have sanitising, anti-bacterial properties
  • Peppermint oil – smells good!
  • Surfactant – we have added this component so that the removable appliance and Hygenie dry quickly and embrace the dry storage recommendation by the experts in our field.