HyGenie Sport Cage & QuickClean Spray

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For QUICK shot of clean, use HyGenie Sport QuickClean Spray, then keep your mouth guard protected in the CAGE. The Rapid Hygiene Bundle is for use at the field immediately after practice or games.


– HyGenie SPORT ‘CAGE’

– 100ml QuickClean

– 3 colour Carabiner Pack

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HyGenie Sport Cage & QuickClean Spray

HyGenie Sport Cage & QuickClean Spray is rapid hygiene bundle for sanitising mouthguards after sports practice or game is over.

Every athlete that’s ever worn a mouthguard knows the drill – practice is over, the game is over, the mouthguard comes out of the mouth, might get a spritz of water from the water bottle and 1) gets thrown into the bottom of the sports bag, or 2) get tucked away into a BPE laden plastic, air tight carry case, saliva, bacteria, germs and all firmly intact and ready to multiply and colonize in that dark, wet, air tight environment.  Next practice, next game, that nicely colonized mouthguard comes out of the bottom of the sports bag or air tight container and – germs, bacteria and all goes straight back into the mouth – YUMMY!  We said, NAH, gotta change all that.

  • No athlete in any sport on any level is going to wrap up a practice session or game and go running into the sheds or toilet block and wash their mouthguard.  So we needed to give them an easy, instant solution – QuickClean
  • A mild sanitiser, its not meant to take the place of a thorough wash, but if that’s not going to happen, a thorough dowsing with QuickClean will be a whole lot more hygienic than a thorough dousing of water
  • QuickClean is safe to ingest and actually tastes pretty good – thanks to the Spearmint Oil.  We don’t recommend it as a breath freshener, but it is safe to spray on (then rinse off) and then right into the mouth.
  • Keeps sports mouthguards smelling fresh and minty

3 main properties of QuickClean

1/ mild sanitiser action with spearmint oil

2/ Emulsifier – retards  saliva and germs sticking to mouthguard

3/ Humectant – prevents saliva and germs from drying out and thus being more difficult to clean

Both QuickClean and DentalFresh are fully biodegradable and contain no hazardous components.

We know the typical sports mouthguard wearing athlete doesn’t pay much (if any) attention to mouthguard care and hygiene, so we’ve made it really simple, QuickClean is that product solution that bridges the gap between doing nothing and proper care (wash it clean, store it dry).