HyGenie Sport Cage & Carry

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The coolest mouthguard carrier in the world just got cooler. CLIP IT to the outside of your kit bag with your favorite color carabiner, or all 3 colours – FREE (value $6.75). Pop-up design, fully ventilated, helps keep your mouthguard clean, protected and combat ready!


HyGenie Sport CAGE + FREE – 3 Colored Carabiner Pack (as shown)

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HyGenie Sport Cage & Carry

HyGenie Sport Cage & Carry is a patented mouthguard carrier with vents to hygienically store mouthguards after the game.  Simply clipped to the outside of the sport bag away from dirty shoes.

Every athlete that’s ever worn a mouthguard knows the drill – practice is over, the game is over, the mouthguard comes out of the mouth, might get a spritz of water from the water bottle and 1) gets thrown into the bottom of the sports bag, or 2) get tucked away into a BPE laden plastic, air tight carry case, saliva, bacteria, germs and all firmly intact and ready to multiply and colonize in that dark, wet, air tight environment.  Next practice, next game, that nicely colonized mouthguard comes out of the bottom of the sports bag or air tight container and – germs, bacteria and all goes straight back into the mouth – YUMMY!  We said, NAH, gotta change all that.

HyGenie Sports Cage allows light and air to flow, so that the mouthguard can be stored dry after cleaning.  The Carabiner clips allow for the Sports Cage to be clipped to the outside of the sports bag.