HyGenie Sport with DentalFresh 50ml

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HyGenie Sport with 50ml DentalFresh to get you started

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HyGenie Sport with DentalFresh

A clean and hygienic sports mouthguard in less than a minute? Yes, you can, with HyGenie Sport and DentalFresh. Afterwards, store and protect your mouthguard in the HyGenie device until you practice or play again. HyGenie Sport is easy to use and is self-cleaning and self-drying, just like your toothbrush. You can also personalise your HyGenie Sport by adding your initials on the logo badge. For added protection and a bit of the cool factor, have a look at the CAGE pop up mouthguard carrier too.
When used with a HyGenie device, DentalFresh will disturb biofilms, has a sanitising effect, and will help dissolve stubborn calculus and stains over time. With recommended daily use, 125ml DentalFresh will last up to 9 months and will not expire.

HyGenie SPORT + 50ml DentalFresh

Both designed in Australia.