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The turbodent is a stand-alone unit focused specifically on air-polishing. As the underlying technique is identical with the combi unit, the turbodent can also be switched easily from supragingival to subgingival treatments.

Items Included:-

  • turbodent
  • spray head
  • bottle of mectron prophylaxis powder, contents 250 g
  • bottle of mectron glycine powder, contents 100 g (only in Europe)
  • spare water filter

perio function

perio function at turbodent

The turbodent is equipped with the new perio function. Simply pressing a button adapts the air pressure to provide for safe subgingival treatment with glycine powder.

a question of choice

The right powder for the intended use

Traditionally sodium bicarbonate powders are used for air-polishing procedures. Used in a proper and not excessively intense manner, the risk of harm to the enamel is minimal. For additional applications more gentle powders have been developed during the last years. Especially glycine, a natural amino acid, opened new indications for air-polishers, the most important being subgingival removal of biofilm.