Nouvag Mobile Dental Surgery Unit 30 – Complete Unit

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Mobile Dental Surgery Unit
consists of:
MD 30,  with contra angle  20:1
consists of:
1 x Control unit MD 30 with LCD-Display (3330)
      with 2 micromotor’s sockets, built-in irrigation pump, socket for Vario-foot control
1x Contra-angle 32:1 with internal/external cooling system (5201)
1 x Electronic motor 21, 50´000 rpm, with cable 2 m, autoclaveable, metal plug (2097)
1 x Vario-foot control IP 68 (1510), electronic, suitable for operating theatre
1 x Single tubing set (1706), disposable, sterile, 2 m
1 x Bottle holder (1770)
2 x Spray nozzle attachment for NOU-CLEAN (1974 / 1958)
VACUSON 40, 40 lt/min, vacuum – 0.9 bar, universal pump
consist of:
1 x control unit VACUSON 40 (4216) with manometer 0-1 bar, vacuum regulator, with 2 holders for bottles
      with 3 sockets: for footswitch ON/OFF, foot regulator, power cord connection
      with suction tube and connection tubing set included disposable bacterial filter
2 x Suction jar 2lt, polysulfon, unbreakable, for Vacuson 40 / 60
2 x Jar lid for 2 / 5 liter suction jar
10 x Bacterial filter, disposable (4246)
1 x Pedal ON/OFF IP 68, operation theatre suitable for für Vacuson 40 / 60
1 x power cord 5 m
1 x SANICAR moveable stand
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Implantology Motor System MD 30

MD 30, powerful and sturdy but intelligent and gentleThe new MD 30 implantology motor system is the convincing result of 40 years of research and development in the field of implantology. An outstanding solution, absolutely in line with our philosophy of providing implantologists across the world with complete systems that leave nothing to be desired.
This unique motor system, consisting of the housing, electronic motor, footswitch and irrigation pump, offers two motor connections, making work considerably simpler and more efficient.10 stored programs for each of the two motors ensure smooth running during the procedure. The optimized control of the motors allows you to accomplish your tasks individually with the highest possible precision, also with contra angles equipped with LED, thus guaranteeing safety and trust with every treatment.Edges and grooves are avoided for easy cleaning of the device. The pump chamber is designed such that any liquid entering passes straight out of the housing. This is an important contribution to safety and may not be underestimated, before, during and after each use.


  • Make advanced settings in the configuration menu for the customization of your device, according to your needs.
  • Intelligent Safety system with acoustic and optical signal and additional blocking of motor drive (e.g. open pump compartment, not connected motor or pedal).
  • 70 Ncm of maximum torque at the 20:1 Contra Angle with real time graphic torque control on display.
  • Robust, high quality architecture.
  • Integrated pump system for cooling of instrument to prevent of tissue damage.
  • Advanced motor system with sophisticated motor control for smooth and precise power delivery in any range of speed.
  • Multifunctional pedal with motor selection, pump performance adjustment, programme selection and motor speed control.
  • Calibration of handpieces and contra angles.
  • Real-time speed and torque report.
  • 10 Pre-set programs for each motor configurable

Vacuson 40

The Vacuson 40 suction pump is well known for its solid construction, its easy handling and the low maintenance needs. It serves in a broad range of applications.

4227 Vacuson 40 STATIV SuctionCup-high 1 Bottle WEB
4227 Vacuson 40 BASE right WEB

the right choice for every task

The Vacuson Pumps are used for suction of fluids and secretions. The pump power can be regulated continuously monitored by the manometer with a scale in bar and mmHG.

The Vacuson 40 suction pump is well known for its solid construction, its easy handling and the low maintenance needs. It serves in a broad range of applications, such as Obstetrics, Endoscopy, ENT and many more. In fact the Vasuson 40 is our pump with the most versatile assignment. As the name suggests the pump delivers a capacity of up to 40 liters per hour and it does its job in a quiet way with low vibrations.

A bigger motor for generating vacuum predestinates this pump for expanded insets. It does its job in a sturdy, quiet and reliable way that lets you keep your eyes on the patient. By fine tuning of the vacuum you can also work in more sophisticated areas where it’s important to keep the vacuum on an adjusted magnitude. Nouvags wide range of extensions and accessories completes this system to a level that doesn’t leave much space for further wishes.

The Vacuson suction pump system can be configured individually after your wishes and can ba altered anytime with further componets.

Technical Datas Vacuson 40
Input Voltage: 115/230 Volt at 50-60 Hz
Power consumption: 185 W
Suction performance: Up to 40 l/min.
Max. Vacuum: -0,9 bar / 686 mmHG
Dimension, control unit (W x D x H): 360 x 290 x 280
Weight, control unit: 8,5 kg


Vacuson 40:

  • Economic due to excellent price/performance ration
  • Precise and continuously adjustable suction performance
  • Solid, reliable and approved technology
  • Low noise and vibrations
  • Automatic overflow safety
  • Low maintenance

Vacuson 60 additionally:

  • Widest range of applications
  • Stronger vacuum
  • Higher flow rate


Ref. 1898
The SANICAR is a mobile device trolley for transporting or carrying a maximum of 3 devices. It is equipped with three bottom trays, an optional hanger rod for a bottle and a multiple socket outlet with 3 sockets and an illuminated main switch. Four suction jars can be adapted on the top tray or some similar accessories. The SANICAR comes with antistatic rolls from which two are lockable.

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