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TLB FAST System™ is used to regenerate bone in the Mandibular or Maxilla area vertically and horisontally by using cancellous bone grafts and Platelet Rich Fibrin. The fundamental principle is all about removing pressure from the grafts by handling soft tissue appropriate and direct any pressure to the mesh or screw head instead. The idea is to protect the graft from the pressure of the gums by simply placing screws osteosynthesis: to protect the graft from the pressure of the gum or its movements but not to stabilise the graft.


The TLB FAST System™ also offers plates that will serve as slats reducing the pressure of the flaps. These plates are threaded and therefore hold at the head of the screw and play the role of lamellae in the manner of autogenous bone lamellae.

The TLB FAST System™ is ideal for apposition grafts, G.B.R., synthesis of mandibular fractures, correction of bone malformation and mandibular reconstruction.


The TLB FAST System contains:

1 x Box for screws, bur and mesh
19 x screws from 3,5 mm to 11 mm
2 x 5 hole titanium mesh
1 x 12 hole titanium mesh
1 x burr
1 x manual screw driver
1 x screw driver for hand piece
1 x Kelly pean
1 x pince