Veinlite EMS PRO

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The world’s bestselling vein access device just got better – now with an integrated white exam light.

The newest Veinlite EMS PRO® is the most practical vein finder for general vein access in adults and children. This new device is modeled after the Veinlite EMS, but includes a built-in white exam light mode that can be used in initial patient assessment. The robust but easy-to-use EMS PRO model is ideal for mobile medical responders and is priced to equip the whole team.

  • Clinically proven Veinlite® technology*
  • Meets INS and CDC Guidelines for infection control
  • NEW – Integrated white exam light
  • FDA and CE registered


  • Fewer IV access failures
  • Less wasted supplies
  • Improved patient satisfaction
  • Simple, single button operation
  • Auto cut off switch


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Veinlite EMS Pro – Since 1999, over 70,000 medical professionals have come to rely on Veinlite® vein finders for simple and consistent one-stick vein access. If failed IV attempts are a daily occurrence among your team, don’t get frustrated…get Veinlite®!

With Veinlite® products, you can locate and access veins within seconds – even in the most difficult patients whether due to their age, weight, or skin tone.



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