Glycolon Suture Material

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Fast and flexible

GLYCOLON® is a monofilament suture material, whose degradation rate in comparison with PGA is clearly reduced by the specially selected ratio of polyglycolic acid to caprolactone.

  • Short absorption time
  • Highly flexible with outstanding knotting properties
  • Controlled knot run-down with reliable knot security
  • Monofilament suture structure: no capillarity, no sawing action
  • Very good passage through tissue without additional traumatisation
  • Optimum tissue compatibility

GLYCOLON® – specially developed for indications with short wound healing:

  • Intracutaneous skin closure
  • Plastic surgery
  • Gynaecology and obstetrics
  • Urology


Box contain 24 sutures

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Suture structure Monofilament
Tensile strength “50%” Approx. 7-9 days
Colour Undyed and violet
Product range Needle-suture combinations
Single-suture packs
Suture strength: USP 6/0 to 1 USP
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GLYCOLON® is a polymer made of polyglycolic acid and caprolactone. Metabolised to CO2 and H2O by the absorption of water in the tissue, absorption  time (50 % loss of tensile strength) is approximately 7-9 days. The uptake of water from the body results in the tissue-friendly degradation of the suture material by polymer hydrolysis. The suture has a very smooth surface, which allows long suture techniques with minimal tissue traumatisation and excellent passage through the tissue. The unusually safe and reliable knot security, combined with a high tensile strength, surprises in many ways and immediately convinces the user. The monofilament suture structure reduces capillary action to a minimum. The excellent tensile strength requires the use of as little material as possible, while the surface qualities of the suture allows a supple low-resistance passage through the tissues, thus safeguarding the tissue structures as far as possible.

Additional information

Gauge No.

3/0 18mm 3/8 Circle r/cut Violet, 4/0 18mm 3/8 Circle r/cut Violet 45cm, 5/0 16mm 3/8 Circle r/cut Violet 45cm, 5/0 18mm 3/8 Circle r/cut Violet 45cm, 6/0 11mm 3/8 Circle r/cut Violet 45cm, 6/0 13mm 3/8 Circle r/cut Violet 45cm