Tooth Transformer Cartridge – single use

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Tooth Transformer Single use Cartridge is component used in the Tooth Transformer machine, for processing teeth in bone material.


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Tooth Transformer Cartridge (single use)

Tooth Transformer Cartridge is a single use component used in the apparatus for processing teeth in bone material.

TT is an advanced system in the area of tissue engineering. Simply with a push of a button, an extracted tooth can be processed and transformed into useful bone graft material in a few minutes.

The instrument is able to transform the tooth into autologous bone graft material. Stimulate the adhesion , the proliferation and the cellular differentiation to promote the bone regeneration.  Great bio compatibility and the absence of adverse immune reaction ensure safety.
The high wettability allows the ease of handling and promotes bone regeneration.

The tooth like a bone, is made of collagen type 1 and minerals of hydroxyapatite (HA). The tooth HA is of high crystallinity and it’s not resorbable. The Tooth Transformer reduces the crystallinity of the HA eliminate the bacteria and transforms the dentin into an autologous graft material.

Tooth Transformer – The Company

Grafting materials are widely used for over 25 years. The most commonly used implant materials are of animal origin, synthetic and also human. Unfortunately, all these materials are missing something, genetics. All living beings are characterised by their genetic fingerprint that sets them apart from each other. Surgical therapies for regeneration, using non autologous material, have limitations that are dictated by the body’s reaction to the presence of non autologous material. In these cases, bone regeneration stimulation all derive from the host organism and never from the donor, slowing or decreasing the regenerative potential.

Autologous Grafting Material from Tooth

Already in 1967 were analyzed teeth as a potential source of autologous tissue for bone regeneration. After nearly 50 years of study you can finally use the autogenous tooth as a substrate to produce a grafting material. The characteristics of this material are surprising: the same genetic content guarantees absolute compatibility with the recipient site and most importantly, the content of BMP-2 (bone morphogenic proteins that stimulate bone growth) guarantees a unique regeneration stimulation. Our system is the only one to have proven scientifically the presence, after treatment with the device of BMP-2 in TOOTH TRANSFORMER grafting material.

Ease of Use

The high ease of use, the ability to change the size granule depending on your needs, the proven presence of BMP-2 guarantee results never allowed before regeneration techniques. Our company has analyzed many liquids to demineralize the tooth structure for choosing the best mix. Thanks to these analyses it has been possible to select a mix of liquids that guarantees maximum percentage of Ca and P and the maximum release of BMP-2 and collagen.

Vision & Project

TT is a project that aims to substantially amend, over the next few years, the habits of dentists, to decrease the costs and to increase the quality of autologous tissue regeneration techniques through the use of dental tissues . Furthermore we anticipate an extension of the use techniques trespassing in other branches of medicine and creating banks for keeping tooth extracted for future use.

Our Mission

Produce a device with the utmost ease of use , to allows the use of autologous teeth using in autograft material , keeping the morphogenetic proteins to ensure regeneration of the highest quality. Our Patents 2015 – patent n° 1262638389 for the procedure and the machine step 1 2017 – patent n° 1298394747 for the machine step 3