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Hismile Day & Night Toothpaste (x10)

$232.00 inc. GST
Brand: Hismile

Say hello to better days & brighter nights

Start your everyday smile care routine, with a day toothpaste that helps to protect from bacteria and a night toothpaste that assists in clearing it away.

  • Two toothpastes, for morning and evening
  • Day: Features a protective micro-shield wax
  • Night: Contains gentle abrasive ingredients

Hismile PAP+ Toothpaste (x10)

$360.00 inc. GST
Brand: Hismile

An effortless, effective, everyday whitening solution.

Use occasionally for ongoing maintenance, or as your daily toothpaste for the best whitening results.

Looking for a daily dose of smile care?

The PAP+ Toothpaste is the best place to start for everyday whitening, or ongoing results maintenance.

  • No sensitivity, no irritation
  • Strengthens & protects
  • Formulated at the Hismile Research Centre