A bright and healthy smile is still the best business card.

Developed by one of the leading dentists throughout Europe, Hylodent® sets a completely new standard with a brand-new ingredient complex on hyaluronic base for oral and dental care. hylodent® is unique, biological and made in Germany.

hylodent® offers luxury to care for teeth in a natural way. Without alcohol, surfactants, titanium dioxide or animal by-products. Unlike conventional products hylodent is based on the most up to date findings of dentistry’s, natural ingredients like hyaluronic acid, xylitol or the probiotic Lactobacillus reuteri.

Not only for clean teeth but supports the health of gums and oral flora. It has a strong focus on strong and healthy gums creating an environment that inhibits the growth of caries causing bacteria. Free from critical ingredients, hylodent works to keep the smile young and beautiful.
The brand was founded by the internationally recognised dentist Prof. Dr. Marcel Wainwright and Claudio Di Lucia. Its aim is to see the world of oral hygiene from a new point of view.

Based on Marcel Wainwright´s research results concerning the subject hyaluronic acid and biological oral care, as well his experiences from his daily business as a dentist are important to the development of hylodent products.

All Hylodent Products are manufactured in Germany, complying highest quality standards, Hylodent only uses selected ingredients in highest quality.

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