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Hylodent Toothbrush Spray 150ml (x10)

$280.01 inc. GST
Brand: Hylodent Just brushing your teeth daily will help remove harmful bacteria from the oral cavity but then the bacteria from the mouth can stick to the damp toothbrush. So next time you brush this bacteria could be distributed in the mouth. hylodent has developed a special toothbrush spray with hyaluronic acid and Xylitol to keep your toothbrush clean after brushing your teeth. So the toothbrush can be stored hygienically. Oral Hygiene is an important part of health and disease prevention, just as important as washing your hands. Your toothbrush is a known source of bacteria and germs. The hylodent toothbrush spray sanitizes your toothbrush head guarding against harmful bacteria that may cause disease. - For hygienic and long-lasting storage. - For a clean and chemical-free toothbrush.