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LuciPac A3 Infection Control Swabs

$484.00 inc. GST
Because better detection, equals better protection. Environmental hygiene is critical in infection control. Ineffective sanitation can leave behind biofilms or residue that can harbor opportunistic pathogens. That’s why Kikkoman has developed an innovative, new test for hygiene monitoring that offers better detection and higher sensitivity. Its patented A3 technology has been proven to find residue and microorganisms that other products miss. Just as easy and fast to use as conventional tests, but its advanced chemistry produces superior detection. Find what you’ve been missing.
  • Self-audit infection control in the clinic
  • Monitor cleaning efficacy of hands and surfaces
  • Rapid check infection control measures are satisfactory
The LuciPac A3 swabs used with Lumitester Smart, measures the level of luminescence based on a biochemical reaction between ATP and Luciferase. The “luminescent analysis” used here enables measurement at a higher level of sensitivity than most analysis methods, and for this reason, a “luminometer” is required to pick up very feint light emissions. Conventional luminometers, however, are large, heavy, and expensive, and thus are generally not suited to environmental hygiene monitoring applications. Kikkoman has successfully broken through this barrier with the Lumitester Smart - small, lightweight, low-cost luminometer. Pack - 5 x bags of 20