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Mectron Enzymec 1x 1L Bottle

$54.18 inc. GST
Mectron ENZYMEC 1L Bottle of Enzymatic detergent  for efficient removal of organic residue.

Mectron Enzymec 4pk – 1 litre bottles

$216.70 inc. GST
Brand: Mectron Mectron Enzymec, Enzymatic detergent for efficient removal of organic residue. Specifically dedicated to the “clean” function of all PIEZOSURGERY® devices.

Mectron K7 torque wrench for DB1

$213.35 inc. GST
Mectron K7 torque wrench with larger diameter, dedicated to the tip holder DB1

Mectron Universal Cart

$1,980.00 inc. GST
Mectron Universal Cart for maximum mobility for all your table-top devices. All supply lines are hidden in the easily accessible cable room.