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Multipiezo touch

$4,005.10 inc. GST

Multipiezo Touch

Multipiezo Touch with the ergonomic touch panel lets the user control all functions fast and intuitively. Optimal infection control with its smooth touch surface, it can be cleaned and disinfected easily. Thanks to its innovative soft mode the multipiezo also sets new standards in insert control and patient pain management. Includes:
  • multipiezo
  • 1 LED ultrasonic handpieces
  • 3 inserts: scaling inserts S1 and S6, perio insert P10
  • 2 bottles, 500 ml
  • 2 safety bottle caps
  • 1 torque wrench K6


It is perfectly suited for all kinds of oral health problems patients show up with in your dental office, from:
  • calculus to caries,
  • endodontal to periodontal inflammations,
  • extractions to restorations.
Designed to be your perfect assistant in daily practice – being as flexible a problem solver as you are.