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Nouvag 1974

$39.35 inc. GST
NOUVAG 1974 Electronic micromotor lubrication adapter 21 for use with Nou-Clean spray oil.

Nouvag Disposable Irrigation Tubing MD20

$24.05 inc. GST
Nouvag disposable irrigation tubing for MD-20 surgical system. 3 meter long. Box of 10 pcs.

Nouvag Sterile Disposable Tubing Set (box of 10)

$174.90 inc. GST
Nouvag Sterile disposable Tubing, length 4m, to connect the conform cannula handpiece with the jar lid of the suction bottle.

Nouvag Tube Set Standard

$242.44 inc. GST
Single tubing-set standard, two ways with 3 way valve, disposable, box of 10 pieces