Mectron Combi Touch 90° Spray Head

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Brand: Mectron

Always best access – 90° and 120° angled spray nozzles for supra- and sub-gingival use in periodontal pockets up to 5 mm depth. The Perio nozzle equipped with the disposable sterile Sub-gingival Perio Tip provides optimal access in pockets deeper more than 5 mm. All the nozzles need just a click to get connected and they are safely fixed to the air-polishing handpiece thanks to a dedicated security connection system.

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Mectron Combi Touch 90° Spray Head

Mectron Combi Touch 90° Spray Head for supra-gingival air polishing and biofilm removal.

3 different nozzles –

  • 120° Spray Head
  • 90° Spray Head
  • Perio Nozzle (with sub-gingival Perio Tip)