Gingisage™ Regular

Gingisage Retraction Paste – Quick, Easy, Efficient and Reliable!

Ideal viscosity and right amount of pressure to gently retract tissue.

Retraction cord can be difficult and time consuming to place and other are too soluble to reliably retract tissue.

Gingisage is less soluble than other pastes allowing longer working time. The kaolin based paste delivers 6% ferric chloride to open the sulcus and control bleeding.

Single does capsules fit most composite dispensers.

Kereden founded in 1986 by Dr Patrick Lesage is the original inventor of the innovative gingival retraction paste technique, launched in 2000.

This new technique revolutionized tissue management in dentistry as it was the first paste that made it possible to manage sulcular opening and haemostasis simultaneously without the use of retraction cord.

Soon after a number of gingival retractions pastes similar entered the dental market.

Sadly, many of these products have several drawbacks.

Some needed a special dispenser, others are not viscous enough and are less effective. All are hydrophilic dissolving in saliva or gingival fluids within one minute. All contain aluminum chloride.

Today here is Gingisage Retraction Paste
The only aluminum free retraction paste with a composition of kaolin and 6% ferric chloride. The rheological properties are based on Dr Lesage’s studies regarding mechanical behavior of the marginal gingiva and the process of obtaining sulcular opening without causing any dame to the epithelial attachment.

The capsule is specially designed nozzle clinically tested to deliver a thin Gingisage™ cord for improved handling.

All procedures requiring the sulcus to be opened and/or dried
Traditional crown and bridge impressions
Digital impressions
Cementation of prosthesis
Composite or Glass Ionomer restorations
In conjunction with a single cord
After gingivectomy / gingival eviction

Do not use in the case of poor periodontal condition : furcations, deep pockets.


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