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$506.00 inc. GST
Dermapen *Please note that the needles are not included and must be purchased separately. You can find the needles cartridge for sale at the following link. Dermapen Needles Cartridge  

Dermapen Needles Cartridge

$6.16 inc. GST
Dermapen Needles Cartridge Medical-grade stainless steel needles Please note this are replacement cartridges only. You need to purchase the Dermapen device separately.

Minimum Quantity: 30

Female-Female Luer Lock Syringe Connectors

$0.20 inc. GST
Female-Female Luer Lock Syringe Connectors Used to mix albumin gel with liquid PRF

Minimum Quantity: 100

Luer Lock 1ml Syringe

$4.88 inc. GST
Luer Lock 1ml Syringe Specifically designed for drawing up liquid PRF.

Minimum Quantity: 50

Triple Tipped Luer Lock Needles

$4.73 inc. GST
Triple Tipped Luer Lock Needles

Linear Multi-Injectors Needles  redefine treatment delivery through precision-engineered needle, enhancing procedural efficiency and patient experience. These single-use, individually packed needles connect to any Luer lock syringe.

  • 30 G

Minimum Quantity: 50 Needles