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Mectron Piezosurgery Insert Pin IM1S

$44.12 inc. GST
Alignment Pin to check preparation axis alignment.  

REX PiezoSurgery Insert W1

$305.29 inc. GST
To optimise every clinical benefit of piezosurgery, a personalised range of specific inserts for specific procedures was created.

REX PiezoSurgery Insert W3

$471.16 inc. GST
Smoothing the osteotomy walls during the implant site preparation

REX PiezoSurgery Insert W4

$547.05 inc. GST
Enlarging the osteotomy in case of cortical bone of medium consistency

REX PiezoSurgery Insert W4H

$547.05 inc. GST
Enlarge the osteotomy in case of very mineralized cortical bone