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Oral Health Therapist - Elevate your practice

If you are an Oral Health Therapist looking to elevate your practice, skills, and connections, then clear the calendar and mark this date. The first Oral Health Collective CPD event Elevate Your Practice, aims to do just that. This will be an educational experience to enhance your clinical skills, integrate sustainable practices and network with like-minded individuals!
Rydges Resort, Hunter Valley
June 21, 2024

AANZP 2024 Academy of Australian and New Zealand Prosthodontists

Disruptive Technologies and Innovations in Practice, Education and Life 2024 AANZP BSM
Join us for this historic event with 20 Presenters, including 10 PhDs, sharing insights of Digital and Data Science Foundations, Health Care Disruptors, Clinical and Research Excellence, Education Technologies, AI Ethics and Governance and Amelogenesis Imperfecta - the AI_OG
Kimpton Margot Sydney 339 Pitt St, Sydney, NSW, Australia
July 24 - July 27

Engage SYDNEY - 2 Day Clear Aligner and Restorative workshop

Please join Dr Jack Milgate, Dr Rohit Chaturvedi and Dr Lawrence Neville three international speakers on clear aligner therapy, restorative
170 Pacific Highway #evel 1 Greenwich, NSW 2065 Sydney, Australia
July 26 - July 27

Venipuncture & PRF Workshop

Dr Michael Walker
Sat July 27th
Sat November 16th
8:30am - 4:00pm
Sydney NSW

The aim of this course is to teach Dentists and Dental Specialists how to draw blood for the use of making a Membrane’s or an Injectable fluid containing the patient’s own growth factors.

Full-Mouth Adhesive Rehabilitations of Patients With Tooth Wear

Professor Dr. Irena Sailer
Vincent Fehmer BDT, MDT
August 15th 2024
The lecture will present a concept for the choice of type of reconstruction and material for high aesthetic outcomes. Recently, an increasing use of ceramic materials for the fabrication of dental reconstructions can be observed. Advantages of all-ceramic materials over the traditional metal-ceramics include their tooth­ resembling colour and the enamel-like translucency.

ANZHNCS ASM 2024 PRE Conference Course

Jaw in a Day” - An instructional course in maxillo mandibular reconstruction and dental rehabilitation.
This full-day course provides surgeons and prosthodontists with didactic learning and hands-on lab experience to deliver immediate dental rehabilitation at the time of reconstruction.
28th August 2024

ANZHNCS – Annual Scientific Meeting - Head & Neck Cancer Care

The theme Collaborating to Redefine the Landscape of Head & Neck Cancer Care, highlighting our dedication towards optimising patient outcomes through ongoing efforts with interdisciplinary collaboration, respect, expertise and inclusiveness.
29th – 31st August 2024.

Courses (4)

Custom Silicone Colour Matching for Facial Prosthetics Course

Dive into the art and science of matching silicone colours to create lifelike facial prosthetics. This hands-on course covers advanced techniques in colour theory, pigment blending, silicone choice and application methods.
TBC Melbourne
Sat 31st August 2024

Fundamentals of Implant Dentistry

Dr Steven Soukoulis
Adelaide SA
Week 1
- Apr 4th-5th-6th (Th/Fri/Sat)
Master the Basics: Explore the core concepts and techniques in implant dentistry (Lectures).
Week 2 - Jun 13th-14th-15th (Th/Fri/Sat)
Gain Hands-on Experience: Practice on life-like models and learn from industry experts (Practical Work)
Week 3 - Aug 21st-22nd-23rd (Wed/Th/Fri)
Implant Mastery Unleashed: Put your training into practice with live implant surgery (Live Surgery)

Natural Aesthetics | Implant & Restorative | Full Arch Program

Dr. Varun Garg
Level 1 - PED: Natural Aesthetics - Sculpting Stunning Smiles


PRF in Plastic Surgery, Aesthetics Medicine & Dermatology - FREE Lecture

Dr Choukroun
Why you should consider using Platelet-rich fibrin (PRF)?
Difference between PRF and PRP
Indications and Procedures
Immunology in Regenerative Medicine.

PRF in Orthopedics and Sport Medicine - FREE Lecture

Dr Choukroun
Why you should consider using Platelet-rich fibrin (PRF)?
Difference between PRF and PRP
Indications and Procedures
Immunology in Regenerative Medicine.

PRF Education

Dr Choukroun
In this online course, Dr Choukroun discusses the latest innovations (LSCC, Sticky Bone, PomPac, PomCol) including The Oxidative Stress: mechanism & management

Phlebotomy Course

Dr Elisa Choukroun
1h 30min
This course is divided in 3 chapters, the first one describes the anatomy of the different puncture sites, the necessary equipment and the timing importance in PRF-aimed phlebotomy.

Multi-Wave Laser Training

Emeritus Professor Laurence Walsh AO
On-Demand Course
This course covers: Introduction and laser regulatory frameworks, laser types and the generation of laser light, unique properties of laser light, soft tissue interactions, and laser safety.

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