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Cervico Essential Kit

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Essential Cervico Mold is a simplified version of the Cervico Premium Mold that works with the stock implant analogs available from the different implant companies. As per the premium mold you can fabricate Cervico healing abutments and impression posts by utilising one or two pieces prosthetic components, made out of titanium, or peek, or other suitable material as they come available by the implant companies.  

Cervico Premium Kit

Original price was: $3,882.29.Current price is: $3,300.11. inc. GST
The ultimate in-house custom healing abutment fabrication and ideal soft tissue profile generator set of tools. The Cervico Mold is an in-office tool used for the fabrication of the cervico healing abutments and impression posts. It can also be used for the duplication of a modified healing abutment or temporary prosthesis to a duplicate impression post. It features 17 wells that can be used for all of the above purposes. What’s included: • Base screw driver •VPI prosthetic connection inserts* • Centered Silicone Insert • Mold Base *A variety of VPI prosthetic connection inserts is available, in order to facilitate multiple implant systems from multiple companies and their respective connection types and sizes. Contents: - Cervico Guide - Cervico Premium Mold The Cervico Guide can direct you in order to place your implant in the ideal position and at the same time select the ideal custom healing abutment for your implant case. The Cervico Mold allows you to fabricate the ideal custom healing abutment and its duplicate impression post within a matter of few minutes. The combined use of the Cervico Guide and Cervico Mold allows you to effectively manage all the steps necessary in order to provide a biologically and restoratively sound treatment that replicates nature in the best manner.