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Bien Air PM 1:1 Ext Spray (Slowspeed) Handpiece

$1,352.49 inc. GST
Bien Air PM 1:1 Ext Spray (Slowspeed) Handpiece This last-generation handpiece is the result of our ongoing research and development work. PM 1:1 is designed to withstand the stresses resulting from repeated lateral pressure, while maintaining exceptional precision. You will appreciate the absence of vibration, quiet operation and tried and tested bur locking system. Download brochure

Bien Air CA 20:1 L KM Handpiece

$4,261.07 inc. GST
This contra-angle has an irrigation system which is internal to the instrument – a world first. So your grip is not impeded by the irrigation line. The jet of physiological liquid is projected onto the drill shaft itself, providing perfect cooling, particularly when using implant guides for insertions. The CA 20:1 has a miniature head and is the lightest on the market. In addition, its shafts and gears are machined in stainless steel with high resistance to saline solutions.

Chiropro PLUS+3rd Gen set with Micro-Series CA 20:1 L

$10,404.35 inc. GST
Chiropro PLUS+3rd Gen set with Micro-Series CA 20:1 L Simplicity. The cornerstone of the new range of implant and oral surgery motors developed by Bien-Air Dental. General dental practitioner or experienced surgeon, are you seeking a fast, simple and efficient solution for your implant dentistry procedures? Look no further than the Chiropro. Your perfect solution for precise and smooth placement of implants.