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Blood collection butterfly with retractable needle

Original price was: $152.42.Current price is: $106.69. inc. GST
Blood collection butterfly with retractable needle and holder.
  • 21G x 3/4"
  • Box contains 25 collectors
  • Single use
  • Non toxic

UBrush! Electric Interdental Brush

Original price was: $130.90.Current price is: $70.00. inc. GST
UBrush! Electric Interdental Brush Optimal oral hygiene – Now it’s in your hands! Package Includes :
  • UBrush! Handpiece
  • 11 Brushes (Assorted)
  • One-Finger Mirror
  • AA Battery

Sheer White! Take-Home Whitening

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Sheer White! Take-Home Whitening 

Cavity pHighter Test Strips

Original price was: $40.81.Current price is: $35.52. inc. GST

Cavity pHighter Test Strips 

The Tasty Trio Toothpaste Kids

Original price was: $31.47.Current price is: $29.91. inc. GST
Confused about which flavour will tickle their taste buds? Why choose one when they can embark on a new flavour adventure every morning and night, without any "SPICY" mint! Let your child's morning and night burst with flavour! Grab the Tasty Trio pack today!

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PRF System Starter

Original price was: $8,668.13.Current price is: $8,622.40. inc. GST
PRF System Starter Our carefully selected PRF Starter kit contains all the necessary components for your PRF journey As a bonus, we are offering you free access to Joseph Choukroun PRF Online Course, valued at $1,000. This course is designed to provide you with in-depth knowledge and practical guidance on PRF techniques, from preparation to application. You'll gain valuable insights and techniques from leading experts in the field, allowing you to confidently tackle your first PRF case. By investing in the PRF Starter Pack, you'll not only save time and effort in sourcing individual components but also gain access to valuable educational resources that will enhance your skills and boost your confidence as a dental professional.

Tooth Transformer Unit

$9,950.00 inc. GST
TT is an advanced system in the area of tissue engineering. Simply with a push of a button, an extracted tooth can be processed and transformed into useful bone graft material in a few minutes.
Download article  Autogenous Dentin Particulate Graft for Alveolar Ridge Augmentation with and without Use of Collagen Membrane: Preliminary Histological Analysis on Humans Elio Minetti, Francesco Gianfreda, Andrea Palermo and Patrizio Bollero

Mectron Unit PiezoSurgery Touch

$12,764.40 inc. GST
Mectron PiezoSurgery Touch provides micrometric cuts for minimally invasive surgeries with maximum surgical precision and intra-operative tactile sensation.    

Monet Laser Curing Light

$3,850.00 inc. GST
Cures composites, luting cements, adhesives, and sealants in 1 Second

Sheer White! Take-Home Whitening

Original price was: $66.75.Current price is: $61.33. inc. GST

Sheer White! Take-Home Whitening 

Chiropro PLUS+3rd Gen set with Micro-Series CA 20:1 L

$10,404.35 inc. GST
Chiropro PLUS+3rd Gen set with Micro-Series CA 20:1 L Simplicity. The cornerstone of the new range of implant and oral surgery motors developed by Bien-Air Dental. General dental practitioner or experienced surgeon, are you seeking a fast, simple and efficient solution for your implant dentistry procedures? Look no further than the Chiropro. Your perfect solution for precise and smooth placement of implants.

Complete Aesthetic Kit

$9,417.49 inc. GST
Complete Aesthetic Kit The Aesthetic Heat and Cooling kit includes everything you need to get started. Bio-filler is an exciting treatment in aesthetics. It works well for reducing fine lines and wrinkles, as well as for adding volume, contouring, and rejuvenating the face, neck, and hands. Patients prefer the consistency and autologous nature of plasma bio-filler over high-density hyaluronic acid fillers.

Venipuncture for the Application of Blood Concentrates – Book

$55.00 inc. GST
Venipuncture for the Application of Blood Concentrates - Book

Monoglyc Absorbable Monofilament Sutures

$252.00$468.90 inc. GST
Monoglyc PGA-PCL Suture is a highly pliable monofilament suture, that also absorbs predictably. With the smooth monofilament surface structures, it handles and ties easily, and is virtually inert in tissue. Basically, PGA-PCL sutures behave like PTFE sutures, but do not need to be removed! 24 Sutures Per Box    

Custom Silicone Colour Matching for Facial Prosthetics Course

$275.00 inc. GST
About the Course Dive into the art and science of matching silicone colours to create lifelike facial prosthetics. This hands-on course covers advanced techniques in colour theory, pigment blending, silicone choice and application methods. Learn to meticulously match skin tones utilising the Spectromatch digital system as well as traditional technique. Perfect for prosthetists, clinicians and anyone seeking expertise in creating natural-looking facial prosthetics.

Get a Feel Sample Kit – Free Oral Health Products!

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Discover the best in oral health care with our exclusive "Get a Feel Sample Kit"! This limited-time offer lets you experience our top-notch sample products for free. Try out each of our premium oral health solutions and find the ones you love the most. Special Offer: Once you’ve found your favourites, order our Patient Kit with the products you love the most plus a personalized special coupon discount with your logo so you can spoil your patients. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your patients oral health routine with the best products available. Try it today and fall in love with our new oral care essentials!
  • Image is for illustrative purposes only. You will receive sample sizes of each product.
  • Offer valid while stocks last.
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