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Dr Mark’s HyGenie

$38.78 inc. GST
Optimum home care for removable dental appliances.

Dr Mark’s HyGenie SureGrip with DentalFresh 50ml

$14.33 inc. GST
An ergonomic designed, easy to grip, soft handled round brush to clean arched dental appliances. now that's a break through. It's a super affordable care program you can include or add for your ROA wearing patients to help them keep their appliance clean and fresh. INCLUDES 1 SureGrip Denture Brush 50ml DentalFresh

Dr Mark’s HyGenie with DentalFresh 50ml

$36.00 inc. GST
The perfect starting pack for practice sales or value add to patients. Whether your patient is wearing your Night Guard, Clear Aligners, Orthodontic Retainer, Whitening Stents, or Dentures, the combination of the HyGenie device and DentalFresh used daily will keep that costly appliance clean, safe and fresh for their daily use. Make it a value added bonus for the investment your patient is making ? they will thank you for it. INCLUDES Dr Mark's HyGenie 50ml DentalFresh

Dr Mark’s SureGrip DENTURE BRUSH

$10.51 inc. GST
The SureGrip denture brush was designed to make hand brushing your dental appliance super easy and comfortable. When used with Dr Mark's DentalFresh, the SureGrip will clean dentures, large dental appliances that don't fit in a HyGenie device, teeth whitening trays, and any other dental appliances. Designed in Australia. INCLUDES 1 Dr Mark's SureGrip Denture brush and complete user instructions.

HyGenie Sport

$35.26 inc. GST
Optimum home care for sports mouthguards and most other types of removable dental appliances.

HyGenie Sport with DentalFresh 50ml

$36.00 inc. GST
HyGenie Sport with 50ml DentalFresh to get you started