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Kulzer Activator Universal Plus Liquid 25ml

$67.69 inc. GST
Suited for use with all Optosil and Xantopren impression materials

Kulzer Activator Universal Plus Paste 60ml

$64.47 inc. GST
Suited for use with all Optosil and Xantopren impression materials.

Kulzer Alginate Box

$31.50 inc. GST
Storage container / accessories for Kulzer alginate. *Alginate not included. Container supplied empty

Kulzer Alginoplast Alginate Impression Material

$27.50 inc. GST

Alginoplast fulfils your requirements of modern materials for anatomic impression.

  • Stable consistency, offering detailed reproduction, is ideal for dentists who prefer a stable alginate with high stability.
  • Fast setting variant saves time and is practical.
  • Normal-setting variant is suitable for automatic mixing without time pressure during processing.

Kulzer Dynamix Mixing Tips

$153.01 inc. GST
Pack - 50 x mixing tips + 1 x fixation ring

Kulzer Dynamix Speed 2

$2,511.23 inc. GST

High-speed efficiency

  • High-speed mixing and precise dispensing, including for Putty viscosities.
  • Easy and reliable handling.
  • Savings in time and material.
  • 3 selectable velocities

Reliable in quality and precision

  • Homogeneously and void-free mixed impression materials leading to precisely fitting prosthetic restorations.
  • Reproducible material properties.
  • Consistent quality of mix, independent of operator, for a constant precision of fit.

Kulzer Flexitime Bite Registration

$109.73 inc. GST
Scannable bite registration material that is suitable for both universal bite registration and powder-free optical data recording of antagonists for CAD/CAM technology.

Kulzer Flexitime Correct Flow

$94.04 inc. GST
High quality VPS impression material offering exceptional accuracy and precision, developed especially for modern prosthetics. Innovative A-silicone formula available in 3 different delivery forms and 6 different viscosities.
  • Dimensional accuracy, detail reproduction and hydrophilicity for high precision and fit accuracy
  • High tear strength and superior hydrophilicity
  • High contrasting colours for easy readability

Kulzer Flexitime Dynamix Heavy Tray

$452.07 inc. GST
Highly viscous, kneadable impression material used in:
  • Two-step, two-phase impression - correction technique.
    • Crown& Bridges
  • Single-step, two phase impression - double-mixing technique.
    • Transfer & implant impression
  • Single-step, two phase impression - sandwich technique.
    • Crowns
    • Bridges
    • Inlays
    • Onlays
2 x Dynamix cartridges each 380 ml