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MJK Micro-blades – Periodontology

$104.79$123.27 inc. GST
MJK Micro-blades - Periodontology Packs of 10 Periodontology with specific angulations of the blades allow to operate easily and precisely in the least accessible areas, and in most cases, with a single line of incision.

MJK Micro-blades Handles

$61.45$167.71 inc. GST
Various handles available to best suit what works in your hands.

MJK Bone Block Applicator

$69.30 inc. GST
MJK bone block applicator avoids the surgeon having to hold the graft with his finger or with any other unsuitable instrument. The thinly knurled « ball » end, offers a perfect grip on the bone surface and keeps the graft in position. During surgery, the applicator can be switched left or right while remaining in contact with the graft for it to be held in position