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TePe Universal Care Toothbrush

$4.66 inc. GST
TePe Universal Care Toothbrush TePe Universal Care™  has a unique angle to facilitate access in hard-to-reach areas. Optimal for cleaning on inside surfaces and along the gum line of natural teeth, implants, lingual braces, or retainers.

TePe Compact Tuft Toothbrush

$3.39$3.82 inc. GST
TePe Compact Tuft Toothbrush TePe Compact Tuft™ is a single tuft brush with a dome-shaped brush head for precision cleaning of hard-to-reach areas, such as implants, attachments for overdentures, fixed braces or along the gum line.

Get a Feel Sample Kit – Free Oral Health Products!

$0.00 inc. GST
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TePe Special Care

$3.39$3.82 inc. GST
TePe Special Care TePe Special Care is an ultra-soft toothbrush recommended after oral surgery and for sore or delicate tissues.

CareDent 4R Adult Toothbrushes

$2.08 inc. GST
CareDent 4R Adult Toothbrushes Caredent 4R ECO PLUS are now made using recycled plastic and have soft bio-based bristles.

Minimum Quantity: 10


Denta-Med Dry Mouth Gel

$16.37$41.01 inc. GST
Denta-Med Dry Mouth Gel Fluoridated Tooth Gel (replaces regular toothpaste) Moisturises up to 8 hours Hydrates, soothes, cleans & protects Gum nurturing formulation, pH balanced Improves Oral Hygiene Reduces halitosis

10K Super Soft Toothbrush

$3.59 inc. GST

10K Super Soft Toothbrush

The Caredent 10K Super Soft toothbrush has been specially designed to provide the small brush head dentists recommend.

Minimum Quantity: 6

TePe Implant Orthodontic Brush

$3.39$3.82 inc. GST
TePe Implant Orthodontic Brush The TePe Implant Orthodontic Brush™ is a special toothbrush designed to clean along implants and fixed braces.

TePe Gentle Care

$3.39$3.82 inc. GST
TePe Gentle Care TePe Gentle Care™ is a super soft toothbrush recommended as the second brush stage after oral surgery and for people with sore or very delicate oral tissue, very sensitive root surfaces, extremely dry mouth, and after radiotherapy.  

CareDent Travel Toothbrushes

$2.21 inc. GST
CareDent Travel Toothbrushes

Minimum Quantity: 10

Paw Patrol Soft Kids Toothbrush With Suction Cup

$2.66 inc. GST

Paw Patrol Soft Kids Toothbrush With Suction Cup