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Kulzer Alginate Box

$31.50 inc. GST
Storage container / accessories for Kulzer alginate. *Alginate not included. Container supplied empty

Kulzer Venus Supra Polishing System

$132.00$154.00 inc. GST
The simple way to high gloss Long-lasting aesthetics are what Venus does best. With the polishing system Venus Supra dentists add a wonderful high gloss to the finished composite restorations.

Kulzer Alginoplast Alginate Impression Material

$28.49 inc. GST

Alginoplast fulfils your requirements of modern materials for anatomic impression.

  • Stable consistency, offering detailed reproduction, is ideal for dentists who prefer a stable alginate with high stability.
  • Fast setting variant saves time and is practical.
  • Normal-setting variant is suitable for automatic mixing without time pressure during processing.

Kulzer Flexitime Dynamix Monophase Refill

$452.07 inc. GST
Medium-body impression material for one-stage impressions. 2 x Dynamix cartridges each 380 ml

Kulzer Memosil 2 Transparent A-Silicone

$113.65 inc. GST
2 x 50 ml cartridges Versatile A-silicone-based experts for bite registration and special indications and can be used in prosthetics, dentistry and implantology. They have a high final hardness and can be taken out of the mouth without risk of breakage. The automatic mixing system saves time and reduces risk of failure.

Kulzer Gluma Desensitiser 1 x 5ml

$181.50 inc. GST
One of the most impairing effects on your patients’ daily well-being is hypersensitivity. Sweet or sour dishes, hot or cold morsels – the acute pain is unpleasant and rather blocked out. For more than 20 years, one drop of GLUMA Desensitizer has been all you need to stop and prevent hypersensitivity. The result is fast and effective, without mixing, curing or repetitive steps. And your patients feel a prompt relief.

Kulzer Activator Universal Plus Paste 60ml

$64.47 inc. GST
Suited for use with all Optosil and Xantopren impression materials.

Kulzer Dynamix Mixing Tips

$153.01 inc. GST
Pack - 50 x mixing tips + 1 x fixation ring

Venus Pearl Pure PLT – SAMPLE

$33.65 inc. GST
Venus Pearl Pure PLT SAMPLE Do you want to reduce chair time while delivering anterior and posterior restorations effortlessly in monochromatic layering only? With the four new Venus Pearl Pure Shades, you will meet your patients’ demands while simplifying your workflow to the max.​

Kulzer Flexitime Easy Putty

$185.81 inc. GST
1 x 600ml Easy Putty (300 ml each Base & Cat.)