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Mectron Enzymec 1x 1L Bottle

$54.18 inc. GST
Mectron ENZYMEC 1L Bottle of Enzymatic detergent  for efficient removal of organic residue.

Mectron Combi Touch 120° Spray Head

$392.70 inc. GST
Brand: Mectron Always best access - 90° and 120° angled spray nozzles for supra- and subgingival use in periodontal pockets up to 5 mm depth. The Perio nozzle equipped with the disposable sterile Subgingival Perio Tip provides optimal access in pockets deeper more than 5 mm. All the nozzles need just a click to get connected and they are safely fixed to the air-polishing handpiece thanks to a dedicated security connection system.

Mectron Universal Cart

$1,870.00 inc. GST
Mectron Universal Cart for maximum mobility for all your table-top devices. All supply lines are hidden in the easily accessible cable room.

Mectron K10 Wrench – Ultrasound Inserts

$59.40 inc. GST
Dynamometric Torque Wrench used for attaching Mectron Ultrasound inserts to the handpiece

Mectron Enzymec 4pk – 1 litre bottles

$216.70 inc. GST
Brand: Mectron Mectron Enzymec, Enzymatic detergent for efficient removal of organic residue. Specifically dedicated to the “clean” function of all PIEZOSURGERY® devices.

Mectron Scaler handpiece LED Cone

$244.20 inc. GST
Compatible with LED handpieces, for PiezoSurgery Touch, Multipiezo Pro Touch and Multipiezo Units.

Mectron Tip Holder ICS

$187.00 inc. GST
Mectron Piezosurgery Tip Holder ICS

Mectron Tip Holder ICP

$187.00 inc. GST
Easily tightened without special tools and is fully autoclavable *Please note this is only the Tipholder ICP for tips or full set click on the link below: Cleaning set Insert Tip IC1 (set of 5 pieces)  

Mectron Implant site preparation insert

$319.00$572.00 inc. GST
Mectron Implant site preparation insert Please select insert below for more information: bro_piezosurgery_inserts