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Bionnovation Triple Blade Bone Collect Drill

$210.65 inc. GST
Make your autogenous bone collecting procedure more predictable. Video Triple Blade 5,0 mm by Fábio Mizutani

Bionnovation Bone Grafting Screw Fixation Kit

$1,089.00 inc. GST
BioMeDent Graft and Fixation Screw is a surgically-inserted medical and dental device used on bone graft surgery for the fixation of grafts and membranes on the maxilla or mandible.
  • The screws are temporary, and they only remain within the bone repair period, as its purpose is to keep either the graft or the membrane in position and not for the purpose of osseo-integration
  • Self-tapping
  • With conic edge, cylindrical shaped body and cross-fit head and it is intended for the fixation of bone grafts and membranes

Bionnovation Cortical Drill

$114.91 inc. GST
Perforation of the cortical bone layer has been advocated in GBR, because it was postulated that this increases the vascularity of the wound and releases growth factors and cells with angiogenic and osteogenic potential.1

Bionnovation Bone Expander Kit

$265.34 inc. GST
Used for bone expansion & condensation, executing preparation and instrumentation for installation of dental implants

Bionnovation Driver handle – Tent Screws

$71.04 inc. GST
Available separately and is also included in the Bionnovation Bone Grafting Screw Fixation Kit