Devemed Scalpel Blade holder #3

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Brand: Devemed

Devemed Scalpel Blade holder #3, suitable for 1 blade.

Made in Germany

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Devemed Scalpel Blade holder #3

Devemed Scalpel Blade holder #3, suitable for 1 blade.

German manufactured Devemed instruments are renowned for their quality and experience in manufacturing dental instruments. With over 100 years manufacturing experience,  Devemed understands that innovation and top quality dental instruments are essential criteria for Dentists.

These instruments offer, functional qualities such as:

  • anti-slip
  • reduction of light reflection
  • prevention of sediment build-up

These are what make Devemed instruments stand out from the rest.

Devemed’s Super-light F-line range have a special grip for perfect comfort and protection against accumulation of deposits.

The hollow handles reduce the weight of the instrument, reducing user strain, whilst the sand-blasted surface reduces light reflections.