Devemed Periosteal Elevator Buser #1

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Brand: Devemed

Double ended periosteal elevator – lance-shaped working part and another rounded one for an optimal dissection of the papillae.

Made in Germany

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Devemed Periosteal Elevator Buser #1

Devemed Periosteal Elevator Buser #1 used for reflecting and retracting the mucoperiosteum. Featuring a sharp round blade and narrow pointed end for interproximal use.

F-Line Superlight technology with special grip profile and its sandblasted surface, gives the handle a unique look.  The hollow handles enables a more comfortable and ergonomic handling.

The sandblasted surface of the handle minimizes disturbing light reflections while working with magnifying glasses and microscopes.  The finish also protects from accumulation of deposits of dirt in the ridges and grooves.