Bionnovation is a Brazilian company that offers advanced solutions for the replacement of dental elements and tissue reconstruction. The product line consists of dental implants and biomaterials capable of providing highly satisfactory clinical aesthetic and results.

The Bionnovation biomaterials line consists of alternative materials for filling in bone grafting procedures, absorbable membranes, non-absorbable barriers, titanium mesh, graft screws and tent screws. Designed for the widest range of surgical needs, these solutions promote bone formation, volume and stability to produce predictable, long-term results that patients and professionals can trust. These products present clinical solutions with high success rates and minimal discomfort for the patient.

Products developed in close collaboration with professionals and for professionals. Different strengths and abilities have come together in pursuit of common goals to create high quality products for you. 

As always, development is focused on making our products simple and easy to use: so that the job is accurate, fast and successful every time. With solutions for all your regenerative needs.

About Bionnovation

Bionnovation was founded in 1993 by a group of researchers. The goal at the time was to bring regenerative solutions to the market, being a pioneer in the manufacture of implants. The founders devoted themselves more and more to research, as the focus at the time was innovation

Despite having a very innovative and technological approach to the market, the company experienced difficulties in its growth, as it was not properly structured in terms of organizational plans and lack of profits. In April 2004, Aurora Ventures, a US-based venture capital firm, invested in the company through its Brazilian investment firm Aurora Health do Brasil Participações Ltda. At that time, we underwent a profound transformation, resulting in Bionnovation Products Biomedics. All activities were led by key people, always relying on a qualified team, which has been very important to keep the business growing. 

Our headquarters are in an industrial district, with modern equipment, which allows us to obtain products with the highest quality.  Due to the degree of market demands, a constant and efficient control is necessary, covering all legal requirements, good practices and demanded by our customers, suppliers, partners, and other interested parties.