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The Humble Co

Developed by dentists- loved by nature

Established in 2013 and founded by dentist Noel Abdayem, Humble Co. is a Swedish Oral care company that offers reliable and innovative products that are good for you and kind to our planet. Their evidence-based innovations have been translated into Eco-friendly consumer products that are appealing but do not compromise the quality or performance.

All products are designed by a team of dentists to ensure that each product can perform effectively. With this in mind they put forth significant time and effort into testing and refining each product to ensure that they reach there full potential in oral care health.

The Scandinavian design is renowned for its simplicity and efficiency, this has extended into not only the design of their products but also its environmentally conscious manufacturing, distribution and aftercare.

What they stand for

All Humble Co. products are characterized by a set of humble values. The values (the humble Ps) are:

Health/ wellness products that enhance quality of life by improving lifestyle choices and habits (PREVENTION)

Premium products with a production process and final result that provide the consumer with the sense of owning a superior quality product. (PREMIUM)

Evidence-based innovations that are and endorsed by professionals to provide consumers with the confidence to make the switch. (PROFESSIONAL)

Eco-friendly manufacturing, packaging and disposal of the products for the lowest possible environmental footprint. (PLANET)

Socially responsible distribution of products to help those most in need – administered by Humble Smile Foundation. (PEOPLE)

Storytelling in plain and simple language as the basis for communication with the consumers for easy and meaningful identification with the brand. (PLAIN)

Profitability as the mechanism for driving growth and impact, while keeping products competitive and comfortable in the average consumer cart. (PROFIT)

Make natural products standard practice, in your practice

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