Starlight Pro LED Curing Light (Shiny Yellow)

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Mectron LED curing lights

lightweight, powerful and versatile

Mectron are leading manufacturers of LED curing lights. The starlight pro combines its features in an exemplary manner. Cordless, ultralight and easy to handle.

Starlight Pro

A cordless LED curing lamp for flexible use that can be taken from one room to the other. Thanks to its high performance level and the long-lasting lithium-ion battery, it will run for 320 cycles of 10 seconds each in succession and recharging takes only 120 minutes. Its output can be checked thanks to the built-in radiometer. starlight pro can be relied on to harden a 2-mm thick layer in only 10 seconds and is extremely light (only 105 g). It provides a choice between two operating modes: “Fast-Curing” and “Slow Rise” (soft start).

Items Included

  • starlight pro handpiece
  • starlight pro charger
  • 8 mm optical fiber, black with metal click-clack connection
  • optical protection