Vitis Surgical Toothbrush

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VITIS Surgical is specifically designed for people who have just gone through oral surgery. The brush enables patients to mechanically remove plaque around post-surgical sites. Its extremely soft bristles are gentle and comfortable for patients to use. All VITIS toothbrushes are manufactured with the best quality standards and technology to avoid harm to the gums while eliminating dental biofilm built up in the mouth. VITIS Surgical is a high quality product used by specialists in Europe undertaking periodontal and dental implant treatment and now available in Australia.

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Vitis Implant Toothbrush

The VITIS Implant Toothbrush is a daily brush specifically designed for patients with dental implants, to provide a delicate and deep care within the whole mouth.

Product Characteristics

  • Small, rounded brush head for daily brushing, care and hygiene.
  • Extra-soft Tynex® filaments provide gentle, but deep, cleaning of gums when mucogingival problems are present.
  • The handle features an anti-slip groove making the brush easy to use.
  • Malleable neck enables accessibility during brushing.
  • Comes with a protective hygiene cap to keep the filaments grouped together.
  • Implant brush sent may vary in colour from image shown. Image is an example only.