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Cavity pHighter Mints

$30.80 inc. GST

Cavity pHighter Mints: A Whole New World for Cavity Prevention


Cavity pHighter Test Strips

$35.52 inc. GST

Cavity pHighter Test Strips 


Complete Aesthetic Kit

$9,106.05 inc. GST
Complete Aesthetic Kit The Aesthetic Heat and Cooling kit includes everything you need to get started.

Dr Mark’s HyGenie SureGrip and DentalFresh

$18.91 inc. GST
Dr Mark's HyGenie SureGrip and DentalFresh

HyGenie Sport Cage & QuickClean Spray

$20.38 inc. GST
For QUICK shot of clean, use HyGenie Sport QuickClean Spray, then keep your mouth guard protected in the CAGE. The Rapid Hygiene Bundle is for use at the field immediately after practice or games. INCLUDES: - HyGenie SPORT 'CAGE' - 100ml QuickClean - 3 colour Carabiner Pack

Monet Laser Curing Light

$3,272.50 inc. GST
Cures composites, luting cements, adhesives, and sealants in 1 Second