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Creating Easier, Faster and Better Products for the Dental Industry since 2000
To invent, manufacture, and supply innovative and superior dental products that improve the professional dental industry.

To be the lead manufacturer and distributor of elite, cutting-edge products and services for the dental professionals.
Our first and highest value is our clients. We value our foundation of patented technology and expanding the horizons of the dental industry.

Through extensive research and development, CAO Group has become a national and international leader in manufacturing privately labeled products for the dental industry. CAO is located just outside of Salt Lake City, Utah, in a 60,000 sq. ft. FDA registered and ISO certified facility. Our facility is setup to support our research, development, logistics, manufacturing, marketing, and sales teams. CAO China, a joint venture facility, supports our large-scale manufacturing and distribution.

Founder and CEO

Dr. Densen Cao

Dr. Densen Cao emigrated from his home country of China to pursue his PhD in Materials Science at the University of Utah in 1986. After receiving his degree in 1991, Dr. Cao was employed by Dr. Gordon and Rella Christensen at what is now known as the CR Foundation.

Dr. CAO is the inventor of the first LED curing light. Invented in 1999, Dr. CAO received patents for the light including 38 other patents. In 2000, Dr. CAO founded CAO Group Inc, which has been revolutionizing the dental industry for two decades.

Awards and Certificates

CAO Group is committed to the highest quality of innovation & excellence and proud to be the recipient of many awards, endorsements, and certificates for our outstanding contributions to the dental industry

ISO Standards:

Exceeds the average quality index for the International Standards Organization

Food & Drug Administration

FDA-cleared medical devices

American Dental Association

Supporter & Contributor

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