GINGISAGE™regular retraction paste is an innovative tissue management paste without aluminum.

GINGISAGE™regular chloride amount is 6% far lower than the usual 9% to 15% which means you avoid possible drawbacks such as unpleasant taste.

The Concept

GINGISAGE™ is the first aluminum chloride free gingival retraction paste by Kereden Laboratory – the original inventors of retraction pastes

The paste is delivered in single patient capsule and is applied with a composite gun. It remains sustainably in the sulcus to gently open the sulcus, dry the field and then removed for impression taking.



Kereden Founded in 1986 by Dr Patrick Lesage is the original inventor founder of the patented gingival retraction pastes technique.

This new technique had revolutionized tissue management in dentistry, as it was the first paste that made it possible to manage sulcular opening and hemostasis simultaneously without the use of retraction cord.

20 years from inception KEREDEN laboratory improves the technique, formulation and delivery system to fit clinical demands.

·      New formula means no need for specific injector

·      Master dissolution in saliva and gingival fluid

·      Optical impressions are made easier

·      Remove the controversial use of aluminum.


GINGISAGE™ regular – Gingival retraction paste made by KEREDEN laboratory

GINGISAGE™ regular is aluminum free in order to avoid possible drawbacks:

The only aluminum free retraction paste Composition is kaolin with ferric chloride 6%

GINGISAGE™ regular presents rheological properties are based on Dr. Lesage’s studies regarding the mechanical behavior of the marginal gingiva and the process of obtaining sulcular opening without causing any damage to the epithelial attachment.

The capsule has a specially designed nozzle clinically tested to deliver a thin GINGISAGE™ regular cord for improved ergonomics