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PRF System Professional

$10,792.01 inc. GST
PRF System Professional The concept of PRF (Platelet Rich Fibrin) is based on the centrifugation of whole blood without anticoagulants. (J. Choukroun et al. 2001). At the end of the spin, a fibrin clot containing the majority of the platelets and white blood cells is obtained. This fibrin clot called Platelet Riche Fibrin or PRF  will release gradually and growth factors or cytokines in the site (VEGF, PDGF, TGF Beta, Thrombospondin) The expected objective of these growth factors is to accelerate the soft tissue and bone healing. Optimal and stable temperature Warranty 2 years.

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PRF Instrument Kit Complete

$2,656.40 inc. GST
Brand: PRF Process Important instruments For high quality membranes and constant thickness. PRF Instrument Kit Complete for processing Autologous growth factors concentrates and to obtain membranes, plugs and PRF exsudate for hydration of bone grafts and membranes.  Highest quality stainless steel instruments. - x1 PRF Box Autoclavable (with multibacs teflon stainless steel crusher) - x1 PolySteribox L - x1 PRF tweezer - x1 PRF tweezer "GIRAFFE" - x1 PRF scissors - x1 PRF Pad - x1 Bowl - x1 mini tray - x1 tube holder - x1 Compactor Big - x1 Compactor Small - x1 Tourniquet

PRF System Starter

$8,668.13 inc. GST
PRF System Starter Our carefully selected PRF Starter kit contains all the necessary components for your PRF journey As a bonus, we are offering you free access to Joseph Choukroun PRF Online Course, valued at $1,000. This course is designed to provide you with in-depth knowledge and practical guidance on PRF techniques, from preparation to application. You'll gain valuable insights and techniques from leading experts in the field, allowing you to confidently tackle your first PRF case. By investing in the PRF Starter Pack, you'll not only save time and effort in sourcing individual components but also gain access to valuable educational resources that will enhance your skills and boost your confidence as a dental professional.

A-PRF Red Tubes

$359.27 inc. GST
A-PRF RED Tubes Box contain 100 tubes - 10ml tubes (50 blisters - 2 tubes blister pack) Sterile plain vacuum tubes without additives, without anticoagulant, without gel


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