MANFLOSS & QUEEN OF CLEAN has been designed to improve your oral hygiene in a simple, fun way. Beautifully designed refillable dispensers that look great in any bathroom. If it’s out on display, you’re more likely to use floss.

Manfloss is a black tape so that you can see what comes out from in between your teeth
Queen of Clean is white for those who prefer not to know

Seriously Good Value

Inside the dispenser is 2 x 50 metre rolls of tape! With refills at less than half price!


Our super wide design makes it seriously effective for sweeping out what’s in between teeth.

Wafer Thin

Wafer thin to slip between the teeth despite the width.  Easy to use even in those tight spaces.

Minty & Delicate on Gums

Soft to land gently on your gums with a fresh mint aftertaste.

Uniquely Refillable

Refillable to go easy on your pocket and the environment. Manfloss refills and Queen of Clean refills available.

Designer packaging

Elegantly designed dispenser are not only refillable but will look great in any bathroom. Manfloss in black and silver, with Queen of Clean in rose gold.

Sticky & Absorbent

Sticky for grip and to absorb what’s been dislodged

Tough Tape

Floss that is shred resistant….and by golly we’ve tried…

As Recommended

Recommended by dental health professionals

01. Easy to Use

For the first time ever, precise instructions are enclosed to dispense the frustrations about flossing. Learn how length is everything.

02. Optimum Oral Hygiene

Daily use of either tapes helps protect and maintain gums, so they look like they work out regularly…and that’s kissable x

03. Winners Are Grinners

Both are superior tapes, so use them with absolute confidence. Winners… are definitely grinners.

Man made fibres coated in Ceresine wax and mint flavour 518204

Independent testing of the tapes for PFAS and heavy metals to exceed ISO standard requirements